Testimonials for Foley Entertainment, Inc. & Eugene Foley


“I came into contact with Gene back in 2009. I’m always weary of working with new agencies, but I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Gene and Foley Entertainment. Very early on I realized that Gene goes above and beyond to help his clients in any way he can, which he has done for me every time. I never have a problem getting a hold of Gene and his friendly personality makes me feel like I can really communicate what it is I’m looking for in my career. Gene is wholly invested in his clients and I would recommend Foley Entertainment to anyone interested in working with an honest and hardworking agent.”

NOUSH SKAUGEN, United Kingdom

“Eugene Foley is first and foremost a wonderful and genuine person, something that one cannot put a price tag on in this business. I was extremely fortunate to cross paths with him and have him come on board. He works 110% on projects with the professionalism, passion and tenacity that is invaluable. Always there as a friend to give advice, help and support when you need it. If you are serious about your career, I highly recommend bringing Gene into your team to give you the insight and experience of how to be a cut above the rest of the herd and to give your career the expertise and shot it deserves in this minefield of a business.”


“Eugene Foley is one of the most straight ahead, honest people I have met in this business. He’s super knowledgeable, organized, and always ready to lend a hand in any way he can. You can tell he cares about your career as much as you do. I love working with him and highly recommend having him on your team.”


“We have been working with Gene Foley and simply cannot believe how far we’ve come in such a short time. All the press, radio, and television spots he has secured for us have created a ripple effect bringing us more and more opportunities for bigger and better gigs and even more media coverage. Even though the professional services contract clearly outlined what he would do, it’s those intangibles, like – encouragement, counsel, focus, direction… and laughs… that have made an incredible difference for our band. He truly knows the biz, and is a great friend. Also, his fees are quite fair compared to other artist development companies that have contacted us over the past couple years. We highly recommend Foley Entertainment to any serious musician on the planet.”

JON JONES, California

“Working with Foley Entertainment, and Gene Foley personally has been a great experience. He has always given my project his undivided attention, time, and effort, and has made me feel as if I am his ONLY client, given the promptness with which he returns my phone calls and emails. Everyone in the company has been very accommodating and courteous, and has made me feel like a part of the family. At times, I feel like Gene understands my career goals better than I do, given his vast experience and expertise working in the music industry. Foley’s fees have always been very reasonable, and he is wonderful at finding you the best deal possible. Rather than just saying they will do something for you, they put it in writing and bind themselves contractually to what they have pledged to do, and have always followed through on their word. I would recommend Foley Entertainment to anyone who is trying to get a leg up in the music industry, or is trying to develop their act. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather work with.”


“Working with Eugene Foley was a much-needed breath of fresh air in an otherwise unreliable industry. He was always prompt, friendly and caring in all communications. He understood my music and career goals and was able to connect me with powerful professionals who would be the most effective in my promotional campaign. His prices were beyond fair and I always felt that he was working above and beyond the call of duty. Our contract was very clear and I was able to see by working with him how business really ought to be conducted. He achieved great results for me!”

AMIE PENWELL, California

“I was introduced to Eugene Foley by Derek Sivers. I feel exceptionally fortunate to have been in business for the past couple of years with Eugene. He is someone who not only knows how to navigate through one of the most competitive and turbulent businesses in the world, but someone who loves music as much as the music business. As an artist, that has been a vital component. Eugene Foley’s guidance is effective, his communication prompt, thorough and unpretentious. He has given me simple, clear, direct steps toward DOABLE goals that have brought me to my own triumphs in the music business. Eugene lives up to his word and his contracts are clear and fair. Like the good friend and guide he is, Eugene helps me focus, he always follows up and helps me to follow through. Eugene helps me to find my place in the industry jungle. I feel much gratitude for knowing him.”


“Gene is a complete professional with his work and consulting. In this industry to have someone who answers every call, e-mail and delivers tangible results, it’s very rare. Gene has surpassed all of our expectations and I consider him not only a great partner but also a friend.”


“I have been working with Foley Entertainment for sometime now, and it has been a very pleasant experience. He is very courteous and professional – yet personable and approachable. His wisdom, experience and know-how need to be a part of any marketing campaign that you as an artist are thinking about or even considering.”

MITCH LINKER, Connecticut

“In an industry finding itself in uncharted waters, Gene Foley is the consummate captain helping artists navigate their careers. When most other promoters will say and promise anything to get business, often times preying upon the hopes, dreams (and naiveté) of artists, Gene helps his clients confront the brutal facts and find a realistic, appropriate path for their careers. As a result, Gene is a revered, credible and well-connected industry insider – the type of guy you want on your side.”

PETER BOLGER, Manager for MAHONEY, Ireland

“Our experience from working with Foley Entertainment has been both exciting and rewarding. The main difference we have found is the Gene is an absolute gentleman whose knowledge of the industry would be an asset to anyone prepared to work as hard as he does. It is a relief to know that we have Gene as part of our team during these challenging times and look forward maintaining this partnership for years to come. “


“In only a matter of months, Eugene Foley & Foley Entertainment have guided and assisted in taking my band “Fiction 20 Down” from a local Maryland success story to an East Coast touring rock band with a wide variety national press, radio and TV credits to our name… and we’re only getting started! Throughout the course of our first campaign together, Eugene has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to our band business and furthermore, he has become both a friend and mentor to me personally. Since day one, Eugene has gone above and beyond the bounds of our campaign – offering advice, referrals, leads, etc. and always making himself available to answer any and all questions from myself, my bandmates and our business partners. Eugene Foley and Foley Entertainment have been absolutely instrumental in each and every success Fiction 20 Down has achieved to date. We look forward to working together with Eugene & Foley Entertainment for years to come!”


“Even before we signed a contract with Foley Entertainment, Eugene was already giving me some fantastic pointers and insights, always in a quick and professional way. Gene makes you feel comfortable, while encouraging you and helping you achieve your goals in a very realistic way, never giving you false promises or illusions. I’m already achieving success through his efforts. It’s been a real pleasure and I’m sure that we will work with him for many ears.”


“Gene’s level of professionalism is top notch and a breath of fresh air in a world of apathy. He has a warm, sparkling personality that is genuine and makes you feel that he is a close friend who not only cares about your music career but also about you as a person. It’s great to feel that someone like Gene is out there taking care of your best interests and looking out for you and your career. You can definitely tell he really loves his job and helping people make the best of their talents. We will happily continue to work with Gene and hope to have a career-long relationship with him!”

CARRIE ROWAN, Massachusetts

“I would highly recommend to any serious musician looking to further your career to look no farther than Dr. Gene. His expertise and hands on approach to getting your music to the right folks is second only to his personal and caring work ethic! It’s quite refreshing in this business to find someone who believes in the artist and works hard for the music to get it heard! He is definitely a reliable wealth of information about this industry and how to pursue it with vigor! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of his information-packed book that will help catapult your career forward! Thanks Dr. Gene for everything!”


“A fellow musician recommended Gene to me, and after seeing him speak at a conference I knew he was going to be great to work with. Gene is a salt of the earth kind of guy, with the right contacts in the music industry, and works very hard for his clients. We set very specific, realistic goals together and he has advanced my music career on so many different levels. Gene really knows how to put a plan together to help you get to the next level. There are many people in the music industry who will take advantage of you, take your money, and never deliver. Gene is the EXACT opposite of those people. I continue to work with Gene and would highly recommend any artist, at any level of their career, to begin working with him.”


“Gene Foley is an amazing consultant and agent. He has specialized knowledge about the music industry and knows how to creatively and profoundly manage his clients’ music marketing campaigns. I have been a client since spring of 2011. My career has gone to heights that I thought it could never reach. Because of his guidance, I have been able to book more shows; gain more press & TV coverage; and inspire others to fulfill their own musical aspirations. More importantly, I feel as though my validity as a singer/songwriter/entertainer is finally starting to be recognized by major industry players. I am grateful for the newfound success. What I like most about Gene is his genuineness and dedication to making sure that his clients are heard. He makes the most out of every opportunity. I recommend anyone who is looking to upgrade their music career, in a way that makes an impact, to work with Gene Foley. He is no doubt one of the best in this business.”

JERAD FINCK, Washington

“I have been working with Dr. Gene Foley over the last twelve years, and the change in my career was immediately noticed once we began. Dr. Foley is an honest man in a dishonest business and instead of filling you full of ear candy, he will let you know what is possible, what you need to do, how to do it, and what it will accomplish. Having him guide your career is the single handedly best decision you can make as an independent artist, because his only vested interest is your success. Dr. Foley has made a career out of developing and guiding artists with sense of professionalism and compassion that distinguishes him apart from all others. If you haven’t spoke to Dr. Gene to see what’s possible for your career, you are only cheating yourself. This man has dramatically changed my career, and given me a direction and plan to build a business around. I am succeeding in the music business on a global level because he told me I could, and showed me how to do it.”

STEVE DUNN, Connecticut

“Eugene Foley is an essential person to have on your team. I went from selling a few hundred CDs to selling thousands. Since I have been working with him, I have toured nationally, performed on TV Talk Shows all over the country, appeared in magazines, received endorsements from major equipment companies, signed a publishing deal, and secured radio time on college and commercial radio. I consider “Dr. G” a friend and a mentor. His guidance, knowledge and friendship throughout the years have been unparalleled.”

LORI DIAMOND, Massachusetts

“Foley Entertainment has truly set a new standard in the music industry. A little thing called integrity completely sets them apart from other music business professionals. My experience with Gene has been 100% positive, as he truly does what he promises! What a concept! With Foley Entertainment on my side, I will fearlessly follow my dreams! With complete professionalism, fairness and genuine interest in my wellbeing, the folks at Foley Entertainment have shown me that the sky is the limit! As more doors open and possibilities emerge, I fully realize the importance of this relationship and I plan on staying with Foley Entertainment for the long haul!”


“I have been privileged to work with Dr. Eugene Foley and Foley Entertainment since 2002, and I highly recommend him and his professional services to any musician or artist who is serious about pursuing or enhancing their musical goals. Dr. Foley’s kindness, punctuality, reliability, generosity, and extensive knowledge on how to develop, market, promote, and support musicians, producers, and songwriters makes him a fantastic enhancement to any musical project!”


“If you’re looking for a professional that is super-attentive to your career and your goals, you’re looking for Gene Foley. While I’m sure he has other clients, I’ve never felt that way as he is always right there on the phone or via e-mail to ensure our interests are being attended to. He consistently goes above and beyond to make sure he’s doing everything he can to provide us with the support we need. Without his guidance and hard work, there’s no doubt that we would not be able to achieve the goals we have set forth. Thanks Gene for all your work!”

ERYN SHEWELL (Artist) & DAWN VAN ARSDALE (Manager), New Jersey

“If you are a self-managed Indie Artist like Eryn Shewell, you have probably realized that making the record is the easy part, knowing what to do with it after all those boxes of CD’s land on your doorstep is a whole different story. Enter Eugene Foley. Eryn and I read his book from cover to cover and found it very informative. It really gave us a great foundation of knowledge but we knew we needed more. We needed someone with contacts, vision and a passionate belief in Eryn’s music/talent to help move her career to the next level. We found what we needed in Eugene. He helped us put a game plan in place, helped us develop marketing tools and partnered with us to push Eryn and her music, all the while teaching us so we could do more and more on our own. It has been a huge learning experience. The results were awesome. The album played nationally on college and public radio, Eryn performed on several TV shows, and the record received great reviews. Eryn released her second album and with the knowledge and contacts we gained from working with Eugene it has come out of the gates with even more momentum than the first. Eugene is part of our team now, he is always there to run ideas by or to ask an opinion. He remains responsive and generous in his assistance. Even now that we are more experienced and knowledgeable, he remains our trusted advisor.”

EVAN WISH, California

“I placed my complete trust in Dr. Eugene Foley of Foley Entertainment in 2004. All the elements of my musical successes have been guided by his professionalism. Upon completion of the project outline and contracts, we launched a comprehensive national campaign. Which encompassed publicity, marketing, and publishing, with radio promotion and a media campaign. It is invaluable to have someone who puts his heart and soul into your musical career with a grounded, realistic approach. Gene is fantastic because he has the experience and the wisdom; he is an integral force in my career. I am honored to have him on my team.”

ROBEZZ, Nevada

“Dr. Gene Foley is an amazing music consultant. He’s always been there for me when I call his office. He is very professional and always returns my calls and e-mails. I finally found someone that understands my career goals and works toward a campaign to address those needs. Dr. Foley worked with me for some very competitive fees! I was very amazed by his hard work. I will recommend Foley Entertainment to any artist that needs to get THE JOB done!”


“Eugene Foley of Foley Entertainment Inc is a top notch music professional and person. He is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, diligent, and thorough. I can’t name a time that he has ever steered me wrong in the music business.”


“Foley Entertainment is unique because not only do they work hard and produce results, they actually care that their efforts lead to something positive for the artist. As a band, The Voodoo Jets paid a fair price and got to work with a real pro. We appreciate all that Foley Entertainment did to help us gain momentum.”


“Eugene Foley is a true pro. I have worked with him in many capacities since 2005 and he is always prompt with a response and works toward your personal needs. His law experience, musical background and amazing network of industry friends all over the globe has made him indispensible for my career. As a singer/songwriter in this crazy musical world, Eugene Foley is one to trust and his services are worth every penny, which are very fair as well.”


“Foley Entertainment has been an invaluable resource to me throughout the last several years. Dr. Foley’s knowledge of the industry is top notch, and he and his staff are exceptionally dedicated, professional and very easy to work with. They respond promptly to communication, and provide comprehensive written documentation of each campaign’s progress. I believe that Foley Entertainment’s services are well worth the investment for anyone who is seeking an edge in the difficult world of the music business.”

JARED MCCLOUD, Connecticut

“Eugene Foley and Foley Entertainment give you the connections and opportunities to make yourself known in the music business. Aside from being an absolute pleasure to work with, Gene has opened numerous doors for me, that wouldn’t have been available to me on my own. I look forward to a very long career, with Foley Entertainment being a HUGE part of my team.”

AZALEA, Canada

“We have been working with Foley Entertainment Inc. since October 2010. Everyday since, has been a more exiting and rewarding experience working towards our goals as musicians. Gene Foley has proved to be the most caring and genuine music industry professional we have come to know in our career. He is extremely professional when it comes to contracts; everything is clearly put into writing. Plus, there have been numerous times where he has gone above and beyond his job description to ensure our satisfaction. Gene is punctual with phone calls and emails and truly shows an interest in advancing our careers. To top it all off, working with him is really affordable for the working musician. His fees are truly reasonable and worth every penny. If you have the opportunity to work with Gene and Foley Entertainment Inc., do not pass it up!”

CIRCLE OF SANITY, Pennsylvania

“Working with Gene Foley is like having a key to an industry that is locked up tight to the outside world. He has the connections to further the career of a good artist and the professionalism to do it in a way that makes the best use of the artist or labels time and money. The bonus is that he’s also an honest, upstanding guy and has become a dear friend of mine and my band, Circle of Sanity. Since we began working with Gene, we have seen so many doors get opened for us that we otherwise would probably never find, let alone be able to open. We look forward to having Gene with us for our ride to the top, and for as long this band continues, which will hopefully be forever.”

VOLARY, California

“Gene Foley is one of the mentors in my musical life. I consider him one of the few good guys in an industry that often takes advantage of the hopes and dreams of musicians. I believe that he genuinely wants to see me succeed and look forward to working with him again in the future.”


“Gene Foley is one of the most humble, intuitive and hardworking people in this somewhat mystifying industry. Most importantly, Gene is a true gentleman, the kind of friendly and straight-talking voice I needed. He understands that trusting relationships are paramount, in careers and in life. Believe me, you’d be so lucky as to be on a first name basis with him!”


“I have never worked with a true professional in the music industry, until I met and worked with Gene Foley. My band has had experience with other agencies, which have screwed us over and didn’t stick to their word. With Gene, everything he said was from the heart and he did everything in his power to make something happen for us. His professionalism is outstanding. Signing with Foley Entertainment was the best decision my band has ever made. Not only did we get a lot of press, but we also got radio airplay, and a fantastic artist consultation to help point us in the right direction. My band is working on a new CD, and we are going to be doing another campaign with Gene, because we know he won’t ever fail us. He does everything he possibly can for us, and we could not be happier about that. If you want a reliable, down to earth, professional agent, Gene Foley is your guy!”